hardwood Care & Maintenance

Keep your beautiful new hardwood flooring looking its best with our care and maintenance guide.

Daily hardwood Care

With the right care and maintenance your hardwood floors can last you a lifetime. Establishing a routine will ensure your hardwood floors remain gorgeous and pristine.

You will need to sweep your floors regularly, how often depends on how much traffic the room receives. You can also dry mop your hardwood floors. Consult your manufacturer's guide for cleaning products you can use without damaging your floors.

The best practice is to place doormats at entryways into your home to reduce the amount of debris and dirt tracked in.

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hardwood Stain Guide

No matter how careful you are, spills will happen. Fortunately, cleaning hardwood floors is easy.

When you spill a solid, simply sweep it or wipe it up. When you spill a liquid, use a clean cloth to wipe up the spill. As long as you address the spill quickly, your hardwood floors should not stain or be damaged.

However, if you have a spill that begins to stain, consult your manufacturer's recommendations for removing the stain.